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The KED Program™ for personalized learning was conceptualized in 1999 in Sweden


About Us

Today’s students study, live and work in a globalized world. Regardless of what education or profession they choose, they will collaborate and work with people and ideas from other countries, cultures and languages. The quality of their education and skills must be competitive and comply with the best international standards. That is a fact.

But this fact does not necessarily mean giving up your own language and heritage. On the contrary, the more globalized the world becomes, the more important it is to also preserve a strong knowledge and anchorage in your own language and culture.
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International Curriculum

The curriculum of the school is based on the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum at all levels, that has been rigorously adapted to ensure Arabic fluency and conformity with Saudi Ministry of Education Guidelines for Saudi International schools.


Bilingual Education

In order for us to make the most of our students’ potential, it is essential that the native language be mastered. Research in language acquisition is unanimous on the advantages of bilingual education and the benefits it brings its learners at the level of their cognitive and social development, as well as the development of various executive functions. These benefits however, only transpire when high levels of proficiency are acquired in two or more languages. As such, Arabic, which embodies communal culture and history, will be on offer in every grade by highly skilled teachers who are painstakingly recruited and continuously trained.

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Glocal Approach

we recognize the importance of educating our learners for life in a global village where international understanding is a key skill. To this end we endeavor to forge links with a wide range of people, groups and organizations from a divers array of countries within the KED network and beyond. Apart from our curriculum being “glocal” (global and local), Nün Academy is part of the KED Network connecting over 40 schools, 15,000 students and 1,500 teachers on 3 continents.  

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Personalized Education

Our teaching methodology is based on the KED Program™ that puts the students at the center. Students who, with the guidance of their personal coach, set and work towards their own personal goals, with the ambition of achieving high final results. This approach leads to school culture that is affirming and respectful of individual interests and learning styles.  

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Nün Academy is committed to child safeguarding practices