Vision, Mission & Core Values


Nün Academy’s vision is to develop an educational model to be aspired to and replicated throughout the MENA region that nurtures compassionate students that are connected with their past, empowered to master the challenges of today and motivated to shape the world of tomorrow.


Nün Academy’s mission is to develop and operate outstanding and innovative K-12 schools defined by a commitment to helping each individual attain the upper limits of their potential. By means of a personalized education model, a holistic curriculum and the presence of well-trained and passionate educators and role models, we are committed to preparing students for a meaningful life as educated, productive and compassionate citizens of the global community: rooted locally yet connected globally and prepared to adapt and succeed anywhere in a rapidly changing world.

Core Values

Our core values permeate everything we do, all our activities. They are strong individually, but they should be viewed as a whole, and together they constitute a clear compass in everyday life. Watch how Nün Academy lives its values in this video

Guided by the Islamic concept of “Itqan” we motivate all members of our community to strive for the highest quality in their work and performance: believing in their abilities and supporting them along the way. As an organization committed to excellence we abide by rigorous success criteria against which to assess ourselves and our students in order to assure all stakeholders that we are on the path of continuous improvement: aspiring to always be better today than we were yesterday.

As a Kunskapsskolan school we believe that all people are different and learn in different ways and at different rates. It is our task to meet this challenge. Regardless of his or her ability, each student has a right to a personal challenge every day and to a school culture that is affirming and respectful of their uniqueness: helping students attain the upper limits of their potentialities.

Everybody can and wants to succeed. Therefore, we have high expectations, of ourselves and of others. With the support of committed, competent and stimulating teachers, each student will, through their own hard work, perseverance and ambition, stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible.

Alongside a rigorous international curriculum, we are committed to genuine bilingualism and self-knowledge: ensuring students develop a well-grounded understanding of their linguistic, religious and cultural heritage.

We believe in social responsibility, in service to our society and in respect for the rights and beliefs of others. It is our task to develop the humane consciousness of our students as they confront the complex issues of daily life.

We prepare students to work, excel, contribute and serve in dynamic global knowledge societies with their ever-changing challenges and di cult choices. “Education for Life and Beyond” gives students the ability to see contexts and patterns; to understand and interpret events; and to make decisions and ethical choices, as well as being a driving force for a continual deepening and broadening of one’s knowledge.

We shall give each student a foundation for personal development where self-discipline, self- knowledge, a sense of responsibility and a trust in one’s own ability provide the foundation for a constructive attitude, the essence of which is that “Life is what I make it”.

Nün Academy is committed to child safeguarding practices