Governance Structure


Nün Academy is a joint venture agreement between Saudi investors and Kunskapsskolan, a Swedish school operating company.  The Board of Governors appoints an Executive Committee that follows through its decisions and liaises with the Academy Director on all Board-related issues.

Board Authority

All executive authority of Nün is vested in the Board, and the Board delegates such authority, as it deems necessary.  Individual Board members have no authority to act except in meetings of the assembled Board or by specific designation by the Board.

Board and Executive Committee Roles and Responsibilities include:

  • Guarding Nün’s guiding statements – vision, mission, values and vision for students
  • Maintaining a child focus in all decision-making
  • Being responsible to the institution as a whole, not having a single agenda/constituency
  • Avoiding raising individual matters/concerns, unless broad policy implications are involved
  • Acting collectively; the authority to speak/represent/act for the Board comes from the Board
  • Placing the day-to-day operational responsibility and accountability in the hands of the Academy Director and the Head of School
  • Reviewing and maintaining appropriate bylaws that conform to the CIS Code of Ethics
  • Assuring the school that the board is operating in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Being accountable for the financial stability and financial future of Nün Academy, setting the tuition fees, reviewing and approving the budget
  • Having primary responsibility for the preservation of capital assets and endowments.

Nün Academy is committed to child safeguarding practices